Our solutions

PEAK’s recruitment professionals will lead the recruitment process end to end: from smart sourcing, through screening, coordinating interviews, working closely with hiring managers, conducting HR interviews and promoting the closure of the employment agreement for the satisfaction of all sides.

Our services will scale your recruiting team in a flexible way:

  • Full RPO- Own and manage the entire recruiting lifecycle
  • Modular RPO- Delivery of specific RPO components
  • Project RPO- A rapid response to your talent shortages

PLUG & PLAY work model Recruiting professionals that deliver immediate results from day 1, in times of PEAKs.

We use the newest searching and head hunting methods for attracting the best candidates. We are using our database, social networks, industry network and advanced sourcing tools to help you find the right talent for the job.
Using PEAK’s smart sourcing will.

Our services will scale your recruiting team in a flexible way:

  • Eliminate placement costs
  • Excess to an exclusive list of candidates that are all yours
  • Get you in control- weekly follow up’s with the hiring team to promote fast and creative recruitment.

If you are short of pipelines or experiencing poor candidate pool, this will be solution for you

Our talent expertise and market perspective help organizations elevate their HR teams from tactical to a more strategic focus and give you the support needed by your demand.
Peak offers services across all employees’ life cycle:
performance appraisal, management support, employee retention, onboarding, layoffs, welfare and more.
This service is provided by experienced HR consultants with vast experience in growing tech companies.

  • Infrastructure
  • Labor and Employment
  • Law
  • Recruitment
  • Career
  • Employee Experience
  • Internal organizational consulting

Our HR professional will build the infrastructure for your growing team in a flexible model





You don’t get a second shot at great leadership – get it right with our executive search. We help you find the leaders who fit your culture
Peak’s executive team specializes in characterizing, mapping the market and mapping your business needs, while connecting to your brand, smart profiling of high-level talents that will help your company march forward.

We know you best and thus know exactly who will fit to your DNA and needs

Have you set up your mind to build  a site overseas? Mazel Tov!

Looking for sales people, support, product CS, R&D?

We enable our customers overcome the challenges of global boundaries with 2 main solutions:

1. 0ffshore- Solutions and Outsourcing services for tech companies in various areas such as Software Engineering, QA & Testing, Professional Services, Technical Support and more

Our Tech stack contains: React, Angular, JavaScript, Python, Node.Js, Java, Scala, C#, C++, Unity, Android, Ios, AWS, CouchDB, mongoDB

Our Customers: Kaltura, Plarium, Natural Intelligence, Solaredge, Papaya Global and others 

2. Global Recruiting- Our recruiters have international work experience, and a good understanding of international issues. We know the Israeli culture fit and have the sense of urgency to bring results and fast.