We founded PEAK with the mission to be the growth partner for tech companies in a competitive dynamic market

PEAK leverages an integrated services model consisting OF staffing, recruiting and HR consulting to help global tech clients ensure that growth will never be slowed by an inability to acquire and retain the best talents.

Reoot Peleg Bloom

HR Leader

HR expert with over a decade of experience in companies such as Intel Google and Nice.
Accompanied and consultant to startups for 4 years.

Founder of “HR for HR”- the largest HR community in Israel. Leading educational projects in HR and the Advisory Board for startups in HR Tech.

Livnat Levi

Tech Recruiting Expert

Recruiting & sourcing expert with over 16 years’ experience in managing recruiting processes in high speed and competitive market.

Established & Mentored dozens of tech recruiters. Results driven.

 Trusted advisor for CEOs and founders with aggressive growth goals.

Developed recruiting workshops and guide tech company to optimize their hiring performance.

And above all – freak enthusiastic SOURCER


We are results driven.
Experts in high-volume and competitive environment, HR and tech recruiting with plug & play solutions. We deliver professional services with full ownership of projects.


By combining our in-house methodology with the unique talents we know to target, we can enhance your decision-making capability. Compounded with a strong in-house process, this will increase the chances of a strong hire.


Allow us to work fast and adjust your process and we will dramatically reduce the time-to-hire and make significant cost savings.


Our flexible contracts give you the option of engaging us for short-term projects or long-term strategic support.


Our service-based model means there is no “candidate ownership” period. Every candidate we introduce is yours to keep. Add to talent pools and engage at a later date at no additional cost


Our technology, methodology and operational model allows us to support projects globally and find talent anywhere in the world. Need to open an engineering centre in Ukraine or build a team in New York city? Not a problem. We can deliver on this.